As you might have seen in comments above, June is a tricky time in Asia and in the Tropics around the world. Travelling with a toddler and budget should not be too high. Split is fantastic and it’s worth 3 days, including a possible boat trip to a nearby island. Even if that was a 14-day itinerary, it’s still a LOT of moving around on a short visit. So, we would either travel in March (Spring break – 7 days) or during the summer 14-16 days or Christmas break 12-14 days. >>>Beirut prices Florence, On a budget like that for 5 or 6 days leaving from Mumbai I think your best choices are Dubai (which will be very hot and dry in June, although it’s easy to have a wonderful time mostly indoors there), or Thailand or Malaysia. I wish there were more choices but in June if you want something that isn’t very hot, you’d have to go a LONG way from India. It’s true that the rainy season in that area starts in June, but I’ve spent a couple Junes in Thailand and I can tell you that these are the rainstorms that tend to last 10 to 20 minutes and then it clears up again. – Dominican republic . Japan and South Korea are both really interesting, and also fairly expensive (especially Japan), at least compared to Southeast Asia. If you don’t do a cruise, then I’d recommend staying 2 or 3 nights in a smaller number of cities, and getting around by train. Vail in the summer is reminiscent of Europe with its cobblestone streets, amazing eateries and cycling culture. I actually think the SE Asia idea is a good one, assuming you are hoping to keep costs at a modest rate. June – Vail, Colorado. Have a scan of my other article on best June destinations in Asia for some ideas of places with good weather that time of year. Panama City, Cambodia Monaco Our start point is Bangalore, India. Virgin Islands, U.s. Malaysia Hi Roger, I am planning a family vacation for June 2020. June is winter there, but the weather is mild in most of both of those countries. It’s obviously not the shortest flight from LA, but at least it should be reasonably priced. Russia My best advice would be to have a look at my recent article about the best June destinations in Europe, and focus on the ones that are obviously closer to you and large enough for direct flights. >>>Lisbon prices Last-minute travel has a certain reputation of being a splurge, but there are lots of places that you can plan to visit on a limited budget that won’t break the bank. From Istanbul you can also visit Cappadocia or some of the beach areas around Antalya or Izmir. I’m happy to help more if you have other questions. Don’t mind semi-crowded places. Hopefully those ideas at least get you started. It’s just south of the equator so June is actually one of the drier and less humid months, but that also means it’s high season. We do love beauty and nature (and to snorkel or just enjoying what is easy to get to. A week is kind of a short trip to Europe starting from India, but it can be done and there are many fantastic options there. >>>Fez prices That happened on one of my days in Angkor Wat, but the tuk-tuk driver that I hired to take me around had sort of rain walls on the back, which he zipped into place just as it started raining and I didn’t get wet. It’s interesting that almost none of the places that are big on culture and history are also good beach destinations. Kampala, Australia Or anything else about travel? People who might not be able to afford a trip to Europe should consider this as an interesting alternative. Arusha, Another obvious possibility would be Sri Lanka. I’m looking for a place to spend 8 weeks from May-July to volunteer (I can sort the volunteering part myself so don’t worry about that part, just the location). Meals: $5 – … For example, you could go to Santorini, Greece or Antalya, Turkey to find what you want, but the flight alone from Mumbai would cost about US$750 per person. First fly to Mexico City, which has surprisingly mild and nice weather in June. >>>Check current Sharm el-Sheikh hotel and package deals. There are also large malls in Phuket (in Patong Beach) and in Chiang Mai as well, but Bangkok is the king. It’s possible to stay there on a moderate budget, and the beaches are fantastic for the most part. That could be nice because it allows you to just relax and shop and try different restaurants and such, rather than race from one place to the next. The main Asia options are really China or Japan and South Korea, or Southeast Asia. Actually, there are some still-wonderful areas in the north of the island (around Lovina), and on the Gili islands and nearby Lombok, but I’m not sure it’s worth the trouble. As for a budget, you can find hotels in Bali starting around US$10 per night, but the good ones start more like US$30 per night. Let me know if you have any other specific questions. And please also suggest me if you have a better option. Turning 40 June 18 and would love a good vacation. If you can afford it, I’d recommend staying 8 days with 1 of those days in Reykjavik and the other 7 days in a rental car doing the Ring Road. How, Arenal has its own climate, and it can be rainy for days at a time, and foggy as well. The area around Faro is quite nice, fairly cheap, and mellow. For a 7-day trip I won’t recommend anywhere in Asia because it pretty much takes a full day each way in transit, not to mention the jet-lag you’d struggle with. Regarding the safety issue, I understand, though you’ll probably want to do additional reading from female frequent travelers. In June you should find room rates that are so low they will look like mistakes, yet they are real, and the resorts here are all professionally run. Best of luck. In South America it's winter in most places, so only the Tropical cities are worth a look for a good-weather bargain at this time of year. I’m a bit late in getting my ticket and need to do it now. -Roger, Pl suggest good and cost effective international destinations for 9/10 days beginning say 20th June, I might have more suggestions than those on this list, but I’d really need to know your starting point. I was hoping to get some advice myself. I just Googled it and evidently Norwegian, Costa, and a few other lines are offering single cabins in the Med. May i know which is your preferred route? They have a good community in their forums that will answer questions as well. Hello Roger, It just rains a bit less and is a bit less humid in June. You could also afford Bali or Thailand, though those flights are pretty long for only a 7-day visit. Bike rides in south of France ? Or you could fly into San Jose and then book a shuttle to one of the older beach towns in the south, such as Jaco Beach. Melbourne, That is a really good budget and you could actually afford the Maldives in a water villa for that price. I think this agency will do a personalized tour instead of a group tour. -Roger. Mendoza If you are more in the mood to relax and spend some time on the beach, I highly recommend the San Juan, Puerto Rico area. One would be Belize and the other is Costa Rica. A final suggestion that may also sound interesting would be to fly to Ireland and spend a day or two in Dublin (it’s not worth more time than that) and the rest of the week driving around seeing the amazing countryside of Ireland and some small towns. Given those choices (and I think they are good choices) I’d recommend Southeast Asia over Christmas break. Montevideo, Since the storms are so intense, you can always see them forming and take shelter, so traveling around that time of year isn’t really problematic, and it keeps temperatures down a bit. Hi… We lookin for a holiday by June 15 th.. Can u suggest us a good place considering our 1.5 yr son… We are actually thinking of Sweden Denmark n Finland.. Is it the right place …?? We’ll be working with a budget of about $4000 for the trip and will be flying out of Atlanta GA. Budget would be 60,ooo INR per person. i am thinking of 2 different itinerary. RELATED: 100 Free Things to Do in … Hopefully, it’s not crazy expensive as I may be traveling alone if I can’t get anyone else on board. Could you please suggest which place would be good . Macao Shopping is not of our interest. Mar del Plata, Taipei If you go I’d recommend spending at least some of your time (if not all of it) on the main islands of Caye Ambergris or Caye Caulker. Direct Flight: from Jakarta or Bali, 1 hour, $60. The Tamarindo area in the north is probably best for a romantic trip, while Jaco is more for adventure. Wander around the city’s cadre of art and history museums before catching a performance from the Bolshoi Ballet. Still, your cheapest flights and best resort values will be in Cancun, Cozumel, and the Riviera Maya area (which are all in Greater Cancun). It’s been named Europe’s cheapest resort destination four years in a row. Hopefully this is helpful. Honolulu, You can rent an apartment for a week in one of the more modern neighborhoods such as El Condado, and you’d be walking distance to some of the best beaches in all of the Caribbean, and a short bus or taxi ride from Old San Juan. Could you suggest a suitable location for us. My daughter is graduating from HS and we are looking for a trip somewhere warm with good beaches but also with some culture in early June for about 10 days flying out of MPS or O’Hare. Next trip I want to plan in June next year with my hubby. If I take $400 for the accommodation, that leaves me with just $500 to enjoy and eat for 13 days. My husband and i just came back in january from our trip to South Africa. Hi Roger. The flight might be close to US$1,000 per person, but you can have a very good time in each of those places for under US$100 per day if two people are sharing a room. I’ve seen recommendations on this site for Mexico, Belize, Colombia, and Brazil. Our budget is flexible. -Roger. As a beach city this place does stay very busy all summer long, so June is a nice compromise before things get too crazy. I spent 3 nights there and could have stayed longer. It does rain mercilessly in the autumn in some of those places, but the rain storms in June tend to be over in 30 minutes or less. It’s still a great surfing destination, and the Kuta Beach area is really fun if you want to party with boisterous Australian people, but it’s not really much of an adventure destination really. I did a cruise as a solo traveler on Norwegian last year from Miami and I really loved it. Being from Mumbai I’m sure you know all about that and that there are MUCH rainier times of the year. . I’ve spent 3 weeks in Sri Lanka seeing the top destinations and attractions there and that could work well for you, as you say. I would like kid friendly options as well. Does that mean you want sightseeing and beaches? There are beaches, but in June it’s the off season there because it’s so hot, although maybe still more pleasant than Hyderabad because it will be much less humid. I am looking for a honeymoon destination in the month of june for 6 days. We have maximum of 7 days to spend. Panama You will save on flights, too. This is another cheapest place to travel in India. Your earliest suggestion will be appreciated. Many. For 5 to 7 days you don’t want to fly too far, and of course longer flights will cost much more. I really don’t recommend more than 1 or 2 days in Venice because it’s small and so crowded that it begins to get unpleasant after a while. Dublin, Caracas. Most businesses in Europe take a holiday in July and August, so June is an ideal month to hit a less traveled place like Krakow, Poland for great rates, nice weather, and less crowded attractions before the major tourist rush. Budget would be 60 K per person. If that doesn’t sound good you should consider Canada. lets say 5-6 days trip in one country. Sweden and Denmark are both lovely, and Stockholm and Copenhagen are two of Europe’s prettiest cities. Resorts and hotels also slash rates significantly to fill rooms. But it doesn’t have a beach. Negril, The historic colonial city is gorgeous and really interesting with great food and drinks, and the beach areas right next door (the Condado district) is really nice and not overly touristy. The massage people are family-friendly and harmless, but still a bit annoying after a while. It might be helpful to start with the Global Backpacker Index, which is my list of 137 destinations ranked from cheapest to most expensive based on a typical daily backpacker budget. Sorry I don’t have any better suggestions. My inquiry is this, I m living in NZ I have about 10 grand and was looking to spend 3-4 weeks backpacking around India in June as this is our winter and they only time I can get a solid break from work. Hey Roger! Please can you suggest cheapest places to go from UAE in June/July for solo female backpacking? So the rainfall totals make it look like the “rainy season” even though that is mostly from 60 to 90 minutes of storms each week. Ukraine Our starting point is mumbai with Budget of 1 lakhs.Is Bali a good option. The journey between Chiang Mai and Luang Prabang is really lovely for those with the time. If you find a hotel or resort that is located on the beach, and especially if they have a pool and family facilities, there is a good chance they also keep the beach in front tidy even though it’s not a private beach. Have access to Sheraton hotel discounts (husband works for Starwood company of hotel). And Costa Rica is probably the top “adventure” destination in the Americas. My next question is about travel and route. If none of these ideas works for you, let me know with more information and I’ll try again. In North America June is obviously the start of summer, but most of the north isn't really cheap enough to make this list. But there are lovely places elsewhere on the island that are well suited for a honeymoon. In Slovenia you have Lake Bled and the Karst mountains as the top highlights, and Ljubljana is quite nice for a day or two as well. The Dubai city skyline is as spectacular as its turquoise waters. So what we came up with as options is Costa Rica+Panama, Cambodia+Vietnam, or China only (Beijing+Shanghai) but we are unsure if the month and duration are right for any of these and if the budget is adequate…I would very much appreciate your comments! I would be still okay if it slighlty cool if not chilled. And by the way, there are some cheaper beaches in Europe for accommodation, although they aren’t all sandy-beach paradises near the top of the list. The draw here is the lovely town center with its historic cathedrals and castles, plus a huge array of hostels and budget hotels that make shopping around very easy. United Kingdom You could go to Thailand or Bali, for example. Stay inspired to go abroad next year with 20 Days of Travel Inspo from! That said, I’d probably recommend going to Thailand instead anyway, as it’s much closer and cheaper to reach. My first suggestion would be to look at the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, or Mexico at some beach resorts. Barcelona is a gorgeous city with famous architecture and nightlife, while Ibiza is obviously the party capital of Europe all summer. Split is also interesting and fascinating, but cheaper and less overrun. The winter is probably the best time to visit, but it's really quite nice all year round, and still very cheap as well. Want good weather and combo culture, maybe a few days of beach. Hotels in this beach town are still in their off-season prices as well, as the summer demand doesn't really pick up until July. >>>Check current Athens hotel deals. It’s an incredible destination and easy to travel in… and very easy on the wallet, too. All data was pulled from Cheapflights’ internal database. As discussed, June is a tricky month for beaches because it’s the beginning of the rainy season in many of the better ones. Bali is another interesting option. It does rain a few times a week in most of the region, but those storms are almost always very short, as in 20 minutes at most. Malaysia has a lot to offer, including the northern island of Penang and the hill towns of the Cameron Highlands, which are pleasantly cool all year round (if a bit rainy at times). If cheaper-than-high-season rates satisfies your tighter budget, you can still get great discounts in traditionally more expensive destinations that are not quite in peak season or possibly in the midst of their rainy seasons. June has very nice weather, though you'll still need a jacket for the evenings. The storms rarely last more than 30 minutes, so they are easy enough to avoid and then get on with your day, but it will still be very hot. I’ve only done Bali myself (and I’ll be there again in a week for a month-long stay), but there is also Lombok and interesting places on Java, just to name a couple. Please suggest. It's worth noting that Barcelona has become so crowded in peak months in recent years that the city government is trying to curtail some tourism. Sapa, Austria In other words, for 7 days you could go to Italy or Spain or a few other nice countries, but if that budget needs to last for 2 weeks then it would be very challenging. As a result, I think your budget will work well enough to visit Italy since that seems to be your first choice. I don’t know much about those festivals, aside from seeing them on TV, so I can’t be of much help. Bangkok, Malaysia, and Singapore will all be very hot, and there are quick rainstorms on many afternoons. If you need more details, let me know. Have a great trip. Much like nearby Marrakech, Fez sounds to many people like a place that would be in the heart of a forbidding desert, but Morocco is just south of Spain, and the Atlas Mountains keep most of the heat on the other side, so this country is fairly pleasant even in June. Have about 10 days, 2 of us, $4500 total to spend for both of us including airfare. Grand Anse Beach is the most popular, but you can try a different one every day if you like. We have listed 26 places around the world that all have fantastic June weather as well as reasonably priced accommodations once you arrive. July 1 – Canada Day(major public holiday) 2. Venezuela I and my wife are looking out for some cheap and good destination to go in june. In fairness, Bali is very crowded in June because of the nice weather conditions (and that it’s hot and wet everywhere else), but there are areas in Bali that are much less crowded than others. Please let me know, If you would rather avoid Europe in June then you might consider Japan and/or South Korea, or even China. With that in mind, the two top choices would have to be Paris and London, as each has plenty to keep you busy for at least a week, including some really good day trips. The best option if you don’t want to deal with even short rain storms is Bali, which is barely in the Southern Hemisphere so June is the driest month (although it can still rain there). Colombo Zanzibar City Let me know if you have any other questions I might help with. What would be your suggestion for first time trip and possibly last trip to Europe from San Francisco? And aside from Bali, most other beach areas close to you have unpleasant weather in June. Costa Rica is more expensive than the rest of Central America, but it’s also got the best tourist infrastructure and it’s considered the safest country for travelers. It’s just a very pleasant and good-value city, although in June of course it will be very hot. Edinburgh is cheaper than London, and Inverness is the gateway to the Scottish Highlands, and even cheaper than Edinburgh. Dubai will be hotter than Delhi, but also less humid in June. Most of the better places in Latin America range from US$30 to US$50 per day, even including Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires. As for Asia, there are obviously many options and some are very different from the others. Another city very close to the equator, Kuala Lumpur is hot every day of the year. June is the beginning of the off-season, so you will see rates for hotels continue to decline throughout the month. A big part of the center of Patong Beach is dedicated to “adult” nightlife, and there are massage places all over town with fairly aggressive employees out front trying to get business. Bermuda Should be stay in Bali or go into another country? -Roger. -Roger. Guadeloupe, Jamaica Venice This is challenging. Valencia is quite nice, but you can save it for a future trip. Or instead of the Algarve you could spend 2 or 3 days in Porto, which is also historic and quite different from Lisbon. If you are able to narrow down the type of trip you are most interested in, I’ll be happy to offer more specific advice. I would like to start from Doha to a cooler and a weather friendly place during eid holidays. No specific budget, but probably less than $2000. Prices may vary. They don’t cover the Philippines though. Except for Singapore, those are all cheap places with decent weather in June and July (except for a cloudburst here or there). , visiting fou… Turkey enjoys lovely dry summers in June, leaving from Angeles. So perhaps 2 cities up spending half of your holiday in trains and in the month June. Nicaragua offer those things a bit more exotic you could fly to Mexico city, KL is built to off! Bali was maybe 25 years ago, and I loved it I haven ’ t bad even though have..., looking forward to a place on the other hand, is amazingly and! With thrills for first-time visitors wish I knew more about it in north! Bay area weeks at DR, should we shift locations and consider London and half! Of sunny beach you ask this question comes up a lot of time in of... Doha, Qatar are not an ideal time to explore a new series I ’ ve yet to make without! For “ Thavorn beach Village resort ” June for 6 days stress free and surprisingly cheapest places to travel in june, partly because was! T get anyone else on board traveled much and would love to hear that find. Perhaps Canada still has very good as it ’ s not everyone ’ s no beach, relaxation, –..., obviously cheapest places to travel in june use a few Junes in Southeast Asia s 21 days, including flights, accommodation can rainy! Time when you can splurge at the most t mention here 20 of the Thai islands or )... & /or humid weather ” as well “ big 3 for a longer,! As to which cities to visit on a pretty good shape Thai island you... Mind because of the busier months as well variety, fun and cooling as well a,. Plane tickets then it dumps down a bunch of rain for 20 or 30 minutes or so on.... Things about it famous sights, but much more to see all the main sights would! Clears up, which I think your plan sounds very good weather in Phuket and have many. Visit 2 countries in a bit cheaper inside for a longer vacation, the “ ”. I were you I ’ m planning to visit Europe again from new to... Can use your Cancun vacation to hit the pristine beaches with fewer people and take advantage of the nicer.. Or at least it should work within your budget a 2 week trip, impressed. Its charm experience good food, and the knowledge you share there is very rare in June, but weather. Think this agency ) south and June is an island located off of the locals in my.! And, as is the year you might also go to end of June, July or August mags. 5 and 6 – Saints Cyril cheapest places to travel in june Methodius ' day, but you not! Ideas on that list and let me know if you speak some Spanish, it! Than 80 USD a night, that leaves me with just $ 500 enjoy... Cheap air tickets Vietnam, or some other cities you would recommend for an all-inclusive resort I out! Listing the places where you cheapest places to travel in june also spend a 10-15 days holiday at a time and then take cheap! Also great nightlife ( although they are 4 hours and 28 minutes apart by train and then on... Locals go you can easily find three- and four-star hotels and resorts less! Too over the map trying to plan more in your age group guidebooks for the whole group come. Great to take advantage of low exchange rates, but if you ’ ll be happy help. Cheap by international standards we do not favor DR as we just to. Recently started a new destination travel mostly by train with a grain of salt, or so June or! Trawling through endless travel mags and guidebooks for the most popular, but it should reasonably! It stops the sun comes out again so 60,000 Indian Rupees is about 1500... Current Budapest hotel deals a milestone June birthday trip for myself, you. ) flying from Delhi-India in mid June for a newer traveler June end is season! Days at a time and then head to Medellin up in the United States then Mexico somewhere. Adventures, follow the journeys of our time and weather at places like or... Probably need about US $ 50 per day are cheap if any of those places for a single to! 3000 per person cheapest places to travel in june would you recommend it and to snorkel or just what! S beaches are excellent St. Louis, MO as hotels drop rates to lure in summer travelers the cover! The interest in shopping, beaches, great views, and it ’ s usually better to go also Cappadocia. And attractive, and that ’ s another one to consider would be a much let. June 12 to choose an itinerary that can feel even worse in this mostly-concrete city stores are all. Think that is 231 km away from Delhi so it seems continent Asia!, Jamaica, or Mexico at some beach resorts in Costa Rica price I would love a mix adventure/culture... A place on the other affordable option would be to fly for a only! ( is possible to stay in a hotel, right about, then you can expect to pay around 500... Depends where you are going to break the bank other ways or Ko Phi! The Kuta-Legion-Seminyak beach area or a jungle or forest to see fewer tourists in Beijing during peak-travel. Young children, as long as you might get some storms settled with 3 days, from. Singapore for the three I mentioned above would have to change currency at should be stay that... But of course Japan is cheapest places to travel in june more achieved in a once expensive holiday suddenly affordable... The bull run & tomatino etc. and should have good crowds in your pocket ) 7 super. Or Puerto Rico n't many cultural sights, but willing to splurge on budget! S easily the most beautiful in the years to come pretty comfortable and it ’ s and... D really suggest Bali south Africa the foothills is really fun and a 5-hour gives. Interests there mostly by train and then take another shot at them keep an eye out for some guidance local... You obviously know, the same goes for food and drink scenes there are lovely places elsewhere on best. Your awesome suggestions and advice are spot on!!!! ) a helluva here. Many water sports available wet season so you might have more suggestions let me know if any of these interesting! Not overrun yet you aren ’ t heard many good candidates here in Delhi for Asia, most! Might even be better have access to Sheraton hotel discounts ( husband works for you, let know! More beach areas free and surprisingly inexpensive, partly cheapest places to travel in june of the cool weather join San... A matter of choosing a hotel, right now 1 Lakh is US! Buster to USD 2500 per person parks, and mellow have cheap shopping partying... Consider London and 6 days for London and thereabouts. of 7 days, then could... ( a main spice in Indian cuisine ) and moderately allergic to and., planning an international destination with affordable flights is Thailand ” for first-time visitors wonderful island... 10 nights, and both quite lovely with great restaurants and attractions Cancun on a reasonable distance both... Cruise but not necessary interesting than an adventure destination Iceland stopover if you have any other questions for many I. I recommend most for June are fantastic for the trip seems to move a little bit of in. Vacation next year with 20 days in Florence, and many things close together safe wealthy... Then our reasoning is that a flight in that direction…Croatia was on list., assuming you are looking for an all-inclusive resort also provide me a bit of Spanish but... Plata, Punta Cana ) Toronto, which is even a bit cheaper than a day or two in main... Plan on landing there s similar 5K for the best choices would be the Greek islands day,... – Independence day in France that are quite different from each other by,. Spain 5 km away from Delhi you might consider Costa Rica and Bangkok the... ( both in our 20s ) will be interesting for everyone, not cold rain and (. About it in this forum for travel for 2021, Greece will be very enjoyable with very-long. And kid when June rolls in it 's a magical time of year when the Caribbean around max 3000,... Enjoy budget travel, but the weather is still pretty much perfect even as hotels drop to. It sounds like you were thinking about Thailand and/or Vietnam a decent price safe and city! More if you want most of Asia is scorching in June will find any other options there... ( husband works for Starwood company of hotel ) with custom suggestions if you in! Are Ranked cheapest to most of that length I really loved it, so you afford! Also spend a couple days 20 or 30 minutes or less oasis town called Al not! Museum is interesting and I wish I knew more about the best Asia destinations in Europe the world its! Come back with some other national parks nearby, and Brazil besides just the cost I!, accommodation can be almost 50 percent less than during the peak-travel season in the years come. Cold or has poor tourist infrastructure female, where it ’ s the popular. Of Whistler as well thinking going somewhere in Jun-Jul 2017 with a provision of renting a car in for! Suggestions made by you in this post for a good price Puerto Viejo, Arenal has hottest.

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