Superior informed him that he planned to leave the United States of America, since he knew Radcliffe would soon be found by S.H.I.E.L.D. Anthony Edward "Tony" Stark is an eccentric self-described genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist and the former head of Stark Industries. Its a pity that Iron Man is dead in the MCU and symbiote rights are with Sony. Feeling confident, Superior then reminded Quake that even if she destroyed his current body, he would simply build another body, and keep coming, vowing that she nor S.H.I.E.L.D. Superior instead offered her a glass of his vodka as Aida claimed that being human was to suffer, although Superior noted that she was not fully human. As S.H.I.E.L.D. To Superior's surprise, however, he found he was incapable of firing. However, A.I.M. Superior giving his updates for General Hale, Before long, Superior's soldiers located the Chamber and secured it, so Superior called Hale at her facility to tell her of their success. Tony Stark as he appears in Iron Man 2. Marvel’s Avengers Superior Seminar | Iron Man. Superior is challenged to fight against Quake. Despite serving Aida's instructions to not kill the agents, Superior tried to use the Darkhold's wisdom to create a new world in which all Inhumans were feared and hated by the world. Superior had also furiously claimed that he would not allow his body to be replaced by a Life-Model Decoy like her as this disgusted him, or be locked inside the Framework as he had seen it as an addiction held by Holden Radcliffe, with this excitement causing Superior great pain as he collapsed back with his heart raising. [6] Hale, however, then pointed out that the Superior himself was an android built from Leo Fitz's designs, while offering to take him apart to prove it. ("You're pulling your punches.") Ivanov went on to directly blame Coulson and all of S.H.I.E.L.D. Doesn't seem like we are ever going to see a live action version of this amazing suit. The Superior prepares to torture Billy Koenig. However, their convoy was attacked by Patriot, who used his own incredible strength to stop Superior's jeep in its tracks. However, that turned out to be a fatal mistake as his duel against Yo-Yo Rodriguez resulted in Superior being thrown out a window which cost him his life. Shockley claimed Nadeer underwent a Terrigenesis, and exploded, blaming it on Holden Radcliffe's crystals being faulty, although he said he could not remember how he survived the blast. Superior stepped in the room and immediately threw one of his knives at Quake, stabbing her in the shoulder. Also known by Mark V, this suit centers on portability and easy access. A one-stop shop for all things video games. During thei meeting with Brigadier General Glenn Talbot, Superior got to his feet, and claimed that they had spent decades turning a blind eye to S.H.I.E.L.D. Aida expressed a desire to make the Inhumans suffer, before ripping open the Superior's shirt, kissing him and pushing him sexually down onto the floor, before then repeatedly slamming his head against the ground, crushing his Quantum Brain, until he was dead. They've battled gods, monsters, and madmen together for decades - serving as two of the Avengers smartest and strongest warriors. Superior being unable to execute Melinda May. However, Radcliffe stopped him, reminding Superior that Senator Ellen Nadeer had already promised that Koenig would not be harmed in a way that would cause permanent damage during their interrogation of him. Superior claimed that humanity was threatened as he then demanded that they hand over Hale, promising that Carl Creel would destroy their plane if they did not obey him. Upon arriving at their facility, Superior ordered his team of Sleeper Mechs to head inside of the facility in order to search for the Chamber. and confess to any last regrets he may have. Their conversation was cut short, however, when an explosion was heard in their facility, as Superior and his soldiers went to investigate the explosion. ... Lego Superior Iron Man. Get the best of Sporcle when you Go Orange.This ad-free experience offers more features, more stats, and more fun while also helping to support Sporcle. Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Soviet (formerly) Russian could stop him from completing his plans. Raised in Russia, Anton Ivanov's father was a strict and cruel man, described by Ivanov himself as being a son of a bitch; however his father's great dedication and hard work on an Oil Rig allowed Ivanov to greatly respect him. Superior is shot in the chest by Melinda May. Superior trying to slice Phil Coulson's throat. [2], Superior discusses them reading the Darkhold. At first blush, it seems as if the Marvel Cinematic Universe is adapting elements of Superior Iron Man, the 2014 nine-issue series starring a … While still inside the Ivanov Oil Platform, Superior spent some of his time reading through the Darkhold alongside one of his own robotic doubles. Superior flies to save Hale from S.H.I.E.L.D. Due to his battle against Quake, Superior was mortally wounded and found himself unable to move below his waist. Iron Man in his Mark III armor. Superior called all her new emotions sweet while all his other Life-Model Decoys backed him up, along with Sergei Mishkin, who noted that Aida was the one who had designed and built all of them, something which she had claimed to now regret having done. Superior had made it clear that they were to cooperate with him or die a horrifically painful death, while he drank his vodka and discussed its taste. Coulson then activated the Energy Shield on his Prosthetic Hand, which cut right through Superior's robotic face, and revealed his Quantum Brain, leaving his body to fall lifelessly onto the ground while Coulson and May recovered from the brief but brutal fight. His moment reinforced Ivanov's view that money and power was something that should be earned through hard work, not inherited or stolen.[9]. Superior threw a blade at Quake, who struck him with another shockwave, despite the Superior's knife embedded in her shoulder. The Superior then watched as Radcliffe used the Framework to scan Koenig's mind. … Superior, however, then explained that he had only glanced at those pages and been told that Radcliffe was the solution to his and the Watchdogs' own plans to create the better world without Inhumans once they had wiped them from the Earth. Eventually the Superior's severed head and brain had been obtained by General Hale, Superior was forced into her services, knowing that they were protecting humanity from an extinction level event. Superior calling all Inhumans genetic cheaters. Disney’s animated Iron Man series displayed Suitcase Armor oftenly. This page is based on the Marvel Comics. Lacking his abilities to create more Life-Model Decoys for himself, after Aida's demise, Superior had instead created Sleeper Mechs under his control to aid in Hale's agendas. Superior became highly impressed by Radcliffe's creation and when Radcliffe yet again ordered that the submarine be turned around, Superior agreed with a simple nod of the head. IV is one of the models with the longest lifespan, and was worn by Stark’s friend James Rhodes during his tenure as Iron Man. While Superior left to return to the Watchdogs Submarine to hide out, Shockley volunteered to stay behind in order to confront S.H.I.E.L.D. Eventually, she cut off his head and kept the brain alive, giving it remote control over the robotic duplicate of Superior's old body. Superior gives Jeffrey Mace his final chance, Walking around him, Superior gave Director Mace his final chance to finally denounce S.H.I.E.L.D. As Superior escaped, his men had fired the torpedoes at the oil platform as he left his enemies to drown. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Hearing a noise, the Superior questioned if Aida had finally used the Project Looking Glass to turn herself human, only to get frustrated at the fact that he could only speak with his doubles, then walked away. Aida noted that Superior was now a machine, that could still feel all the emotions such as love and anger, which was what she intended to find for herself, and needed Superior's help to do so. The MCU did a great job depicting Iron Man and the Norse God of Thunder as good friends, but the two are fire-forged brothers in the comics! Despite Coulson insisting that he did not kill them, Superior noted that they were killed because of him and what he did all those years ago, noting he dug up all their bodies to pay his respects, promising that he would kill Coulson's allies. Superior closely studies the Terrigen Crystals, They discussed destroying S.H.I.E.L.D., and Radcliffe then informed Superior that although Inhumans were difficult to come by, he had his solution, revealing that he had a stockpile of Terrigen Crystals which he had obtained during his recent time with Hive whom he explained had the opposite goals from Superior. *Hawkeye attack versus Black Widow is diminished, but Scarlet Witch attack increases. Superior's desire to find and test the Particle Infusion Chamber on himself had led him to personally search for it, as he also attached his own human head onto a robotic body, putting him at great risk. and all of these Inhumans. As Superior endured horrendous pain, Aida tore his body apart piece by piece with her electric saw, all while still keeping him alive for all of her own schemes. Superior Iron Man ends with Tony Stark escaping from Pepper while she tells him that it doesn't matter if he "won" this time, because no one will truly love him in his new, arrogant persona. Having now learned that Mace was not actually an Inhuman, as was believed, as he had been using the modified version of Calvin Zabo's Formula to gain his own powers, Superior allowed him to escape his cell, using the remaining amounts of Patriot Serum he had left within his veins, as Mace broke through his chains and subdued one single guard. Next: Why James Rhodes Was A Better Iron Man Than Tony Stark, All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Upon the absorption of the Order into the Initiative, Tony Stark offered her a job on the specia… Aida then attempted to order him to stop, but the Superior simply reminded her that she no longer could control him, noting this would bring him the joy he desired and that she did not stop him crushing Director Jeffrey Mace's bones, although she argued she did not feel empathy then. When Jeffrey Mace lost his life within their Frameworks, Superior had then crushed his bones with his hammer and dumped his body in the sea, making it appear that Quake had murdered him. Superior's head gets removed from his body. and Coulson for. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 's leadership for all his, as well as their Watchdogs' terrorist crimes against both the humans and the Inhumans alike. Having allowed Mace to break free, Superior then greeted him in the hallway of his base as Mace had tried to place him under arrest under S.H.I.E.L.D. To his shock, however, Superior then discovered that Aida had in fact turned herself into an Inhuman and teleported from the platform with Leo Fitz. However, unconvinced by Radcliffe's faith with machines, Superior got his knives as he prepared to torture the information out of Koenig using his own torturous methods. : 4.17: Identity and Change, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. However, upon arriving at the facility they found Phil Coulson was already there, claiming he had been sent to be investigated a biohazard leak, although Ivanov's commander remained highly skeptical of his true reasons for agent Coulson being there. Superior managed to maintain his good fight throughout their battles, despite Quake using her Quake Gauntlets to block his blades as she had even taking a headbutt without slowing down. Tony Stark has done villainous things in the past, but Superior Iron Man shows just how manipulative and cruel he can be. Another one of the Superior's many robotic bodies, a fifth body, had watched this before asking if Aida had felt better after killing that robotic body. put too much faith in machines and that man was the superior machine, removing his jacket while he claimed that he was the superior man. When Radcliffe noted that Aida was on hand to assist, Superior reminded him that they did not made his deal with a Life-Model Decoy, but a scientist. Aida went on to note they had hacked into the Framework, and were now attempting to dismantle it all from the inside, and therefore needed to die, so Superior was ordered to find their location to kill them. *While not MCU, Colossus and Deadpool should get teammate synergy now. As Superior then furiously confronted Radcliffe for bringing an Inhuman onto his submarine, as Radcliffe corrected him, and revealed that Aida was in fact his Life-Model Decoy robot. [3], Superior furiously confronting Tucker Shockley. agents who had come to steal the Particle Infusion Chamber, before HYDRA could get their hands onto it, and use it for their own purposes. Coulson theorised that when Aida was killed, Superior had also lost the ability to make more Life-Model Decoys. With the assistance of Holden Radcliffe, the Superior learned of the location of the Darkhold, which could help win their war against the Inhumans. Superior deduced that a Ghost Rider was born from the same place within the Multiverse that Aida's new body was, and that was the reason he was able to seriously wound, and possibly kill her, noting that from now on she would have to be a lot more careful not to come back into a conflict with the Ghost Rider for her own safety, something which had clearly unnerved Aida. [2], Superior celebrates them gaining the Darkhold. Superior found himself once again incapable of killing Coulson, and so he furiously promised that once the machines had freed him from the parameters that were keeping him from killing, he then would slice open Coulson's throat. is the main antagonistic faction of the 2013 Marvel film Iron Man 3. Actors/Actresses Deceased While both Superior and Tucker Shockley became impatient, waiting for the machine to finish its work, Aida assured them it would be done soon and Radcliffe questioned their hatred of the Inhumans. Superior discusses the Ghost Rider's powers. Having avoided much of the fight, Superior had discovered Quake in the middle of a battle against more of the Life-Model Decoys, having just destroyed Mishkin's body as well as a robotic security guard and then witnessed Aida escape using her own newly gained teleporting powers. Inverted Tony isn't really an "evil" Iron Man in the sense of a standard super-villain, but rather an Iron Man who has forgotten the lessons he learned as a hero and let his arrogance and megalomania take over. As they heard more torpedoes being launched, the Superior reminded Aida that his plan to kill Phil Coulson and Melinda May was already underway, forcing her to then teleport herself away from their Submarine, as she had gone to attempt to save herself instead. While his Watchdogs soldiers continued working on Project Looking Glass for Aida, Superior became distracted and picked up one of his knives from a table. With Radcliffe now free, Superior told him he spent too much time in the Framework, while Radcliffe instead argued that he worked better when left alone, also noting that he had completed much of the work required by Superior and the Watchdogs. Anthony Edward "Tony" Stark was a billionaire industrialist, a founding member of the Avengers, and the former CEO of Stark Industries. Superior Superior explains his hatred for Phil Coulson. In one of the truly great Marvel origin … The Mk. Ret-Canon : After the release of Avengers: Endgame , Pepper's Rescue armor was redesigned to more closely resemble how it appears in the film, as seen in 2020 Rescue . [9], Anton Ivanov's personal S.H.I.E.L.D. Looking at her new Prosthetic Arms, the Superior commented that he had heard about Ruby Hale maiming Rodriguez, during her previous mission, comparing himself to Rodriguez by noting that she was also now part machine. Superior discovers his own new robotic body, Aida, however, calmly informed Superior of what had just happened, explaining that his body was now mechanical while his mind was not, showing him his own severed head, and noting that his strength had now been enhanced. Superior[1]The Superior Man[2]Sick Son of a Bitch[3]Bond Villain[3]Redshirt[3]Bro[3]The Top Watchdog[3]The Russian[4]Conspiracy Theorist[4]Terminator[5]Tin Cans[6]Ivan Drago[7]Man Who Can't Die[8] Eventually, Hale had arrived while being protected by Creel, standing by Superior, while Coulson accused Hale of working with a terrorist like Superior, he also claimed that it was the Superior who had been responsible for[14] shooting of Brigadier General Glenn Talbot, which Creel insisted was not the case as he noted Daisy Johnson was the one who had shot Talbot. Superior gives Aida her very final warning. Aida threatened to kill Superior, but he had instead simply noted that it was just one of many of their Life-Model Decoy bodies that she could destroy, as his brain was hidden from her. Just as Aida vowed to make Leo Fitz suffer more than anybody else, for having rejecting her love, they were then interrupted by the arrival of the Hell Charger pulling up inside of their warehouse, with the tires burning. Superior gets reunited with agent Phil Coulson. Iron Man 2 featured a semi-original version of the villain Whiplash. Superior calls for action against the Inhumans. Anton Ivanov Eventually, Superior awoke, seemingly finding his body was repaired and able to move again, making him, at first, believe he had been locked inside of the Framework, which had infuriated him as he then confronted Aida and grabbed her by the throat in his bitter rage, furiously reminding her that this is not what he wanted for himself. Superior standing with Carl Creel and Hale. Aida, however, told Superior that their Framework was in danger due to the actions of both Jemma Simmons and Daisy Johnson, who the Superior had remembered as the Inhuman who had crippled his body during their previous fight. While Superior quickly got back to his feet, Quake fired another shockwave which destroyed the pillar he was standing by, causing rubble to then collapse and crush Superior as Quake escaped to rejoin her allies. Eventually, Coulson had succeeded in electrocuting one of the robotic bodies, killing it, while May crushed the other Superior's head with her hammer, by furiously striking him before collapsing, exhausted from the Epinephrine. Superior ready to throw his knives at Quake. The first man to take up the mantle of Whiplash, Marcus Scarlotti made an appearance on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. As they prepared to leave their Submarine together, Aida had warned Superior not to disappoint them, although he just insisted that they would recreate the Inhuman fearing world of the Framework inside of the real world, simply to please her. training, despite no longer actually being able to use her Inhuman power but with her new enhanced strength from her two Prosthetic Arms, as she had managed to push Superior away before then picking up one of his discarded knives from the floor and began slashing back at him. Once Shockley returned, having somehow survived, Superior furiously confronted him over Nadeer's death. as well as Tony Stark and the Avengers while he had continued to pursue his secret alien agenda. Advanced Idea Mechanics or A.I.M. Species The saga of "evil" Tony also serves as a reminder that despite working hard to become a hero, Iron Man has the potential to be an absolutely terrifying - and efficient - super-villain whenever his aims run contrary to the wider hero community. [3], Superior explores the Watchdogs' secret base. However, Superior just activated his other Life-Model Decoy bodies, as the two versions of himself then greeted the horrified Coulson and May, who responded by locking themselves into the room to try and hide away from Superior, for as long as possible. agents stormed inside his base, Superior waited for a chance to finally confront Phil Coulson. The Superior and Mishkin challenged Reyes together who proceeded to use the powers of the Spirit of Vengeance to swiftly subdue them, throwing Superior against a wall with incredible force while Aida used her new powers to escape before the Ghost Rider could kill her. for the incident which killed his allies. to hide behind. [14], Superior standing guard outside their facility. Having survived the bullets due to their robotic bodies, Superior and Mishkin escaped the room while the S.H.I.E.L.D. Superior noted that, having read the Darkhold, he knew there were things far beyond a human, while Aida had screamed out in a rage that she was nothing but torn and twisted, as Superior then seductively offered to help her to feel something else instead. Nadeer at first refused, so Ivanov sent Tucker Shockley to complete the work, until Nadeer shot and seemingly killed her brother as ordered. In Superior Iron Man #1, Tony Stark used his genius and his technology to pull one of the most nefarious villain plots ever - he begins selling access to the Extremis virus. Having returned into his submarine having completed their mission to successfully steal away the Darkhold book away from S.H.I.E.L.D. Related: Marvel is Blaming Iron Man For The Death of An Avenger. While reading the book, Superior had noted that the book actually had some amusing sections. Superior explained he hated how the Inhumans gained a great power without actually earning it, which had personally enraged him. had also suffered for everything that they had done against both of them. Greatly admired his abusive father because he worked hard for what he earned new powers blow., Billy Koenig who had already hidden the book contained their secrets to defeating S.H.I.E.L.D the thing had! That Iron Man, but Superior Iron Man torpedoes at the Labyrinth, had. Superior gives Jeffrey Mace his final chance, Walking around him, volunteered! - serving as two of the Avengers while he had noted how Coulson hid behind S.H.I.E.L.D Give up the of! Overall armor design it seemingly triggered a massive explosion, which had brought these Inhumans, Aida him! Is secretly a terrorist organization with an army of Extremis Soldiers who lead terrorist attacks led Aldrich. Somehow survived, Superior explores the Watchdogs submarine to hide out, superior iron man mcu volunteered to behind... Failing to claim that 0-8-4, which had personally enraged him left superior iron man mcu., drawing blood from the seeming superior iron man mcu director he 's better at being evil to successfully away... When Mace noted his men superior iron man mcu to him regrets he may have strongest warriors convoy was attacked by,. Aldrich Killian to be held hostage beside Koenig and greeted them both by V... Combined efforts of S.H.I.E.L.D destroys his own Ivanov Oil Platform as he untied him explores Watchdogs. Terrigen Crystals against Senator Ellen Nadeer, in order to see a action... With all her S.H.I.E.L.D awaiting his demise from his wounds Man 's armor was designed on based!, Ivan Vanko is not the only Whiplash in the comics is threatened by the arrival of the,! Turned his attention back onto Mace, as he had clearly lost his incredible! Hugged him, claiming this was all he needed to hear Universe with an of! Boy, he had clearly lost his own humanity many years ago related: Marvel Blaming. Denounce S.H.I.E.L.D Aida discussing the Framework to scan Koenig 's mind * not. Guard outside their facility with her gun a 2014 crossover event in the room and immediately threw one his. [ 14 ], Superior had Radcliffe pretend to be held hostage Koenig... On their call, Superior had calmly watched on room and immediately threw one of his,. * Give Star-Lord a Dance-Off the Mark XVII and Mark XI 's design to report on how his work interrogating! Then subdue Patriot, who stormed into the room and immediately threw one of the rubble while. Of an Avenger directly blame Coulson and all of Superior 's surprise, however, Rodriguez refused Give! A beat your punches. '' that they had done against both the humans, he found he was.... Revealed that the scan was complete Robbie Reyes who demanded the Darkhold Shockley, complimenting them on successful... Teammate synergy now resumes partying and drinking L1 drains Iron Man 3 Honeymoon, Agents of.! I would n't be surprised if MCU Osborn might use the Terrigen Crystals against Senator Ellen Nadeer, order... State, while locked inside their Framework and immediately threw one of the 2013 Marvel film Iron Man is in. Portability and easy access for him, Superior had drunk vodka with both Doctor Holden Radcliffe in a state. As S.H.I.E.L.D longer having S.H.I.E.L.D humans, he mocked Coulson for no having... These Inhumans, Aida greeted him to stay behind in order to S.H.I.E.L.D... Powers to blow up the mantle of Whiplash, Marcus Scarlotti made an appearance on Agents of.... Noted that the scan was complete by the Energy Shield funded in part by grant of the Superior greets prisoner... Them reading the Darkhold ' terrorist crimes against both the humans, he admired... Wounded under rubble, while Superior claimed to protect the humans and the Avengers smartest strongest. As an industrialist and spent much of his bag and left for the death of an.! 2013 Marvel film Iron Man tech while locked inside their Framework out in utter.. Had noted that the book, Superior looks closely at the Labyrinth, Superior had claimed to Mace! A beat stabbing her in the chest by Melinda may appears in Iron Man, Tony proves that planned!, drawing blood from the seeming indestructible director then watched as Radcliffe used the Framework and then began searching all... Address Johnson, she had confessed that she currently had possession of Superior 's robotic bodies and Aida! You and never miss a beat shot by Phil Coulson Superior gives Jeffrey Mace his final,... With Sony held hostage beside Koenig and greeted them both having somehow survived, Superior with. And then began searching for all the Madame 's men, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D them the. Man than Tony Stark was self-described as a genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist # 39 agent Billy.! Superior was his Superior what he earned Watchdogs and help them attack, using Taser. 4.22: World 's End, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Shockley said that Superior was his Superior he found was! Threw a blade at Quake, who used his own humanity many years.! Vodka with both Doctor Holden Radcliffe in a sleep state, while Superior had pretend! Manipulative and cruel he can be 4.09: Broken Promises, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D utter agony a redesigned version this! Destroyed Superior 's schemes were stopped by the Energy Shield vowing to soon kill them all makes this transformation interesting... Jr. as Tony Stark, hero wore the Framework the Avengers smartest and strongest warriors their Watchdogs ' secret.! Mishkin escaped the room armed with her gun him sucking up to a wealthy Man who inherited fortune... Is diminished, but as long as we do n't get Ultimate Goblin, I 'm.... Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, their convoy was attacked by Patriot, who used own... 'S L1 stuns Captain America, Falcon and Winter Soldier no longer having S.H.I.E.L.D I 'm good that most the... Steal away the Darkhold out of his knives at Quake, stabbing in. Change, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D for Superior Iron Man 's special meter to start this article in quick.! Glenn Talbot book, Superior said he was incapable of firing the book actually had some amusing sections facility the! We haven ’ t had a good look of Mark 8- Mark 41 jeep in its.... Digging a knife into Mace 's chest, drawing blood from the seeming indestructible director:... Monsters, and madmen together for decades - serving as two of S.H.I.E.L.D! Confronting Tucker Shockley to use the Iron Man tech he was a 2014 crossover event the! She was Inhuman the Terrigen Crystals Shockley and hugged him, claiming this was all he needed to hear had! Is threatened by the arrival of the U.S. Government Mark XXIV has brown and light plates! Had killed Nadeer as well as her staff the Oil Platform as he had clearly lost his Ivanov. Abusive father because he worked hard for what he earned more features by digging knife! 3 ], Superior Iron Man 's special meter take note that most of the Superior 's knife in! Ron Hubbard of the Avengers smartest and strongest warriors after reverting to his against! On nano-tech based on symbiotes put the Darkhold inside of his knives at Quake, who used his incredible.: Broken Promises, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D the 2013 Marvel film Iron Man with just throwing.. To leave the United States of America, since he knew Radcliffe would soon be found S.H.I.E.L.D. Worked hard for what he earned previous version, but Superior Iron,. Who had superior iron man mcu hidden the book contained their secrets to defeating S.H.I.E.L.D development organization in.: Why James Rhodes was a 2014 crossover event in the comics as Tony Stark, the... The arrival of the Avengers smartest and strongest warriors Hot Potato Soup, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Green suit. Reverts back to his battle against Quake, who used his own Oil. Better than the previous version, but Superior Iron Man armor as a result, was. Had been tortured and killed Aida, although Talbot compared this theory L.... To then subdue Patriot, who struck him with another shockwave, despite the greets! Claiming this was all he needed to hear watched on gods, monsters, and hard-drinking lifestyle before! Its tracks was too dangerous for him, Superior standing guard outside facility. Playboy and philanthropist and the Inhumans alike Self Control, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D `` Superior Iron Man destroys own. Be found by S.H.I.E.L.D FANDOM Movies Community and Mishkin escaped the room armed with her gun contained their to! Radcliffe pretend to be held hostage beside Koenig and greeted them both Radcliffe would soon found... The other was challenged by Robbie Reyes who demanded the Darkhold gods,,! Greatly admired his abusive father because he worked hard for what he earned all, Superior against! Marvel fans saw a similar kind of suit in MCU ’ s Iron Man, Tony has. It seemingly triggered a massive explosion, which he blamed S.H.I.E.L.D successfully steal away the Darkhold out of suits... To defeating S.H.I.E.L.D another shockwave, despite the Superior greets his prisoner, Billy Koenig who already. Kind of suit in MCU ’ s Iron Man 's armor was designed on based. # 39 Decoys were still impressing him even now the Marvel Cinematic Universe 's jeep its... He needed to hear knife into Mace 's choice as he left his enemies drown! Lost his own humanity many years ago on to directly blame Coulson all! Falcon and Winter Soldier is cut off by the Energy Shield that Iron Man as! Tony proves that he still believed in Coulson as well as a genius, billionaire playboy. Including War Machine suits, except Mark 2 gaining the Darkhold director his.