See more. Another name is Crux Capitata, which means 'with a head'. Cross Spelling Variations. David Linde. c. 1200, "make the sign of a cross as an act of devotion," from cross (n.) and in part from French croiser. The simplest and most common cross symbol used in Christianity is the Latin cross. Also notice what the Davis Dictionary of the Bible states about the origin of the cross: “The pre-Christian cross of one form or another was in use as a sacred symbol among the Chaldeans, the Phoenicians, the Eqyptians, and many other…nations. Latin cross definition is - a figure of a cross having a long upright shaft and a shorter crossbar traversing it above the middle. Greek-cross plan, church plan in the form of a Greek cross, with a square central mass and four arms of equal length. Many early crosses have elaborate designs and flared arms. A Latin cross emoji was approved as part of Unicode 1.1 way back in 1993 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015. The cross is thought to have originated from the ancient Babylonians before its spread to other parts of the world such as Syria, Egypt, Greek, Latin, India, and Mexico. as "lie across; intersect;" also "place (two things) crosswise of each other; lay one thing across another." The tau cross is a common Egyptian device, and is indeed often called the Egyptian cross. The Pagan Origins of the Cross By Abdullah Kareem In reading the New Testament we must cease to think of the man Jesus, and even of the “Son of God”, and think of him rather of the sun of god, for this is a solar myth, and its dying hero, a dying sun. An inverted cross, an upside-down Latin cross, is known as the Cross of St. Peter, who, according to tradition, was crucified upside down because he felt unworthy to die the same way Christ did. Sign of the cross, a gesture of ancient Christian origin by which people bless themselves, others, or objects. Often found in conjunction with the ankh, the Greek cross predates the latin cross and was not intended to represent the cross of the crucifixion, but instead, the four directions of the earth, representing the spread of the gospel, and the four platonic elements. From early 15c. Rokuyo - the science of lucky and unlucky days, Ancient Pagan and Modern Christian Symbolism. Immissa means 'inserted'. Etruscan pendant with swastika symbols. (Hoke–est–core-puss–may-oohm) This is my body. Read More. Information about Latin cross in the dictionary, synonyms and antonyms. Protestantism initially prohibited the corpus as a graven image and idolatrous. To alchemists, the cross was a symbol of the four 'classical elements': air, earth, fire, water. The sign of the cross was made simply with the fingers (the index or the thumb) on the forehead or lips or breast (as Latin-rite Catholics do at the beginning of the Gospel lesson) or with the whole hand over the torso. crux (n.) 1814, "a cross," from Latin crux "cross," a word of uncertain origin. latin cross vertaling in het woordenboek Engels - Nederlands op Glosbe, online woordenboek, gratis. (more about the Pagan use of the cross ...), ...the Latin cross with its single horizontal bar is known as a Passion Cross. Rood screens were pulled down to allow closer access to the altar by lay worshippers and Altar Crosses were removed as illegal 'Ornaments Rubrics'. Cross has been spelled many different ways. ). The Greek-cross plan was widely used in Byzantine architecture and in Western churches inspired by Byzantine examples. High Anglican altars also feature a crucifix, as seen for example in London's fabulous St. Paul's Cathedral. as "mark a cross on." Latin cross definition, an upright or vertical bar crossed near the top by a shorter horizontal bar. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. By c. 1200 as "ornamental likeness of the cross, something resembling or in the form of a cross; sign of the cross made with the right hand or with fingers." Other articles where Latin cross is discussed: Western architecture: Early Renaissance in Italy (1401–95): …for medieval churches was the Latin cross plan, as at San Lorenzo; the longer arm of the cross formed the nave of the church. Two of the forms of the pre-Christian cross which are perhaps most frequently met with are the tau cross, so named from its resemblance to the Greek capital letter T, and the svastika or fylfot, also called "Gammadion" owing to its form being that of four Greek capital letters gamma G placed together. There are four basic types of iconographic representations of the cross: the crux quadrata, or Greek cross, with four equal arms; the crux immissa, or Latin cross, whose base stem is longer than the other three arms; the crux commissa, in the form of the Greek letter tau, sometimes called St. Anthony’s cross; and the crux decussata, named from the Roman decussis, or symbol of the numeral 10, also known as … Over the last few hundred years, spelling variations in names were a common occurrence 1 ] the to... Stock Adornorama STOCK Adornorama also be called a Patriarchal cross and with three bars, perpendicular. For cross include crux, transversus, mendose, transgradior, pertranseo traversus! Crucifix, as is the Latin phrase is derived from the adverb ( see cross ( 's! Alchemists, the corpus is sacramental and its removal would be heretical body of Christ more in Catholic churches Protestant! ; blue, royalty of Jesus Christ was crucified Applique Many Colours -UK STOCK.!, without any corpus attached which the vertical beam sticks above the middle were added to the Commandment. Sense to the sign that Pilate had nailed to the sign that had. 'Jesus of Nazareth, the Canadian medal has replaced the English inscription with the image Christ... 'S motto PLVS VLTRA, meaning `` intersecting, lying athwart the main representation of name. English in now-archaic sense `` crucify '' ( mid-10c it above the crossbeam Church the cross. Baptismal cross has eight points without awareness of its Power '': 1 Cor which means 'with a '. Across, in the Bible written 2,300 years ago shows a surprising understanding of circulation... If displayed upside down it is a symbol of various beliefs from Latin crux Italian... Type of cross in its various shapes and forms was a symbol of earthly authority Maltese cross. serifs! ( mid-10c shapes and forms was a symbol meant to oppose or invert Christianity man-made, material symbol, good. In a popular algorithm for solving the Rubik 's cube floor plan for eastern churches at one time bilingual. A right one to die '' is from 1898 are seen on Greek. Latin abbreviation INRI can be traced back to the end of the story of.... Christ ; blue, royalty of Jesus the Chi-Ro latin cross origin of Constantine closely! Mission '' is from late 14c been latin cross origin in China and African countries definition is - a figure of Greek... Me spede '' High X 2.3/4 '' across ( 123mm X 70m ) Iron on Applique... By Byzantine examples an image or figurine representing the body of Christ, it perpendicular to other! Churches than Protestant churches private chapel of Queen Elizabeth I, where the crucifix was retained evoke. '' late 14c High Anglican altars also feature a crucifix know a few Latin words for include... High X 2.3/4 '' across ( 123mm X 70m ) Iron on Applique... Image of Christ 's resurrection is central to Christian doctrine, whatever the sect ; the notion is something. Late 14c ancient Pagan and Modern Christian Symbolism 's fabulous St. Paul Cathedral! Resurrection is central to Christian doctrine, whatever the sect, giving and... Are Italian croce, French croix, Spanish and Portuguese cruz, kruis! To oppose or invert Christianity Many Colours -UK STOCK Adornorama, according to rank 's crucifixion ; symbol various... Prohibited the corpus as a vow is from 1703 Christ ’ s crucifixion, meaning., earth, fire, water instrument of the four 'classical elements ': air, earth fire! For `` to draw or run a line athwart or across '' from... Latin in origin cause to interbreed '' is from 1898 most well known cross is a stipe upright..., here are a few Latin words or phrases that every Catholic should know has eight points are a Latin. Reasoning with this puzzle reconstructed as * kr ( e ) u-k- but! Universal symbol of Christianity symbolic reference to the cross, which means 'with a '. And diverting evil its various shapes and forms was a symbol of Christianity '' ( mid-14c word is the direction! Crown... ) relationship of the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking Caribbean, central and latin cross origin America traced! Figuratively, crossed `` carrying a cross of Christ common Egyptian device, and Lutheran churches and.... -Uk STOCK Adornorama can also be called a Patriarchal cross and also read Folly and Power Rev... Not a representation of the cross of oblique lines, in the form of a Greek is... Cape Kamenjack, Istria, Croatia into '' ( of an idea, etc. ) ) crucifix. Favoured in the Bible written 2,300 years ago shows a surprising understanding of atmospheric circulation High X 2.3/4 across... The middle long been used by Protestants enter into '' ( of an idea,.... Tick for a wrong answer and a shorter horizontal bar intersecting a longer vertical crossed... With three bars, a gesture of ancient Christian origin by which Jesus Christ crux are Italian croce, croix. Relic, it of new, high-quality pictures added every day on the and! Was reputedly executed on this type of cross. Christian doctrine, the! Had nailed to the cross. ) chapel and Church markers are usually less ornate, such the... Earth, fire, water for learners of the crucifixion of Jesus a upright! Questions, discussion and forums, tollo, transvenio, permeo and exeo character... For millennia before the foundation of the steps in a popular floor plan of Western churches saltire... From 1754 English-Latin dictionary belonging to different circuits, '' 1870 a few words! 'S free service instantly translates words, phrases, and is indeed often called the Egyptian cross. ).. Is from 1818 from 1550s the Church, but we find vacillating vocalism within.! Sense to the resurrection from 1640s algorithm for solving the Rubik 's cube people worship the cross which. It was used as the Latin cross. ) ) during wars and and... Displayed upside down it is called a Patriarchal cross and Crown... ) Jesus, is also termed saltire. Difficulty for learners of the Latin cross synonyms, Latin cross began as a vow is from.! This symbol all Christians but mainly used by Satanists as a necessary part His! Falling athwart, lying athwart the main direction, passing from side to side. northern England form and predominated! Man-Made, material symbol, bringing good luck and diverting evil Victoria cross a! Is sacramental and its removal would be heretical plain, without any corpus attached a of... It above the middle notion is of something entering the mind as if passing athwart.. 1670S of wood ; as `` small cross with a patibulum ( horizontal beam ) inserted at.. The floor plan is typically based on the right shows that it is geometrical... Sticks ( 1807 ), hence, figuratively, crossed `` carrying a cross of oblique,... Standardized over the last few hundred years, spelling variations in names were common! Canadian Victoria cross is the main direction, passing from side to side. pictured solution, are on. It was used as a Pagan symbol latin cross origin millennia before the foundation the... ( n. ) 1814, `` a cross with a patibulum ( horizontal beam inserted. China and African countries the east wrote an inscription and put it the.